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Biometric Time & Attendance System
TimeWolf Software
    InfiniTime TM
  • Employee punches in/out on Biometric Hand Reader
  • Biometric Reader Measures the Size and Shape of Employees' Hand
  • Work time is collected, calculated and rounded according to your company policies.
  • Management reports include: missing punches, department summary and payroll summary.
  • Exports to all payroll services or packages automatically including QuickBooks Pro®, Peachtree®, Paychex®, ADP® and many more!
  • InfiniTime, HP-1000 Reader, 50 Emp. Capacity:
  • InfiniTime, HP-1000 Reader, 100 Emp. Capacity:

TimeWolf Reports
  • Accrual Information
  • Comments
  • Employee Listing
  • Activity Summary
  • Detail
  • Summary
  • Summary - Daily
  • Schedule Gantt Report
  • Audit Trail
  • Exception
  • Excesive Hours
  • Failed Biometric Verifications
  • Who Is Where
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