Configuration Report
2049 Stout Drive / Suite A-1
Warminster, PA 18974
Phone: 215.443.8720 / Fax: 215.443.8709
Terminal Preferences
Use 24-Hour Display: No Date Format: MM/DD/YY
Turn on Daylight Saving Time: Yes Use 24-Hour Time Format: No
Confirm Undo: Yes
Com Port: 2 Non-Work Defaults
Baud Rate: 9600 Start Time: 8:00
Auto Update when Polling: No Duration: 8:00
Pay Code: Sick
Active Count 5
Inactive Count 0
Terminated Count 0
Total Count 5
Pay Class
Round Registrations by Not Selected Overtime
Calculate Weekly OT by Total Hours: No Daily Limit: Not Selected
Beginning of Day: 12:00 am Weekly Limit: Not Selected
Maximum Work Day Length: 14:00 Weekly OT Start Day: Monday
Calculate OT by Pay Period: No
Pay Period
Current Starts on 4/2/2001 Mon Meals
Type: Weekly Punched Meal: Yes
Minimum Hours from Start: 3:00
Guaranteed Daily Time: No Maximum Hours from Start: 7:00
Worked Hours to Qualify: N/A Length: 0:30
Minimum Paid Hours: N/A Auto Deduct: No
Length: N/A
Worked Hours to Qualify: N/A
Pay Codes
Name Modifier
Regular 1.0
Overtime 1 1.5
Vacation 1.0
Sick 1.0
Holiday 1.0
Personal 1.0
Jury Duty 1.0
Name Number
Administration 4
Production 2
Repairs 3
Sales 1
Report Date: 4/2/2001 2:50 PM Page: 1