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PayClock EZ Software
TA50XL is an easy to use, yet powerful time and attendance solution that allows you to automate your company's timekeeping and attendance tracking. With built-in setup wizards and simplified daily operations. TA50XL completely eliminates paper timesheets.

Employees clock in and out at a data terminal using the badges that are included with the system. The data terminal immediately transmits employee puches to the TA50XL software which automatically applies your pay rules automatically, consistently and impartially.

TA50XL's mag-stripe data collection terminal comes with cabling for a direct, serial connection. Since the terminal is always on-line, supervisors can immediately see who's absent without taking extra steps to poll the data collection terminal.

In addition the TA50XL's powerful reporting system gives you the tools to better manage your workforce. TA50XL's reports help you:
  • Avoid unauthorized overtime
  • Track employee status
  • Control departmental costs
  • Monitor staffing and much more
A great solution for smaller companies looking to address basic time & attendance issues and possibly integrate with your existing accounting or payroll software, like PayChex ® or QuickBooks ®. This system features automatically generated wizards for each step during setup. System features also include multiple departments, both multiple & flexible schedules,

PayClock EZ Software
  • Easy to Use System Wizard/Navigator
  • Employee Time & Attendance Calculations and Punch Rounding
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Gross Wage Calculations
  • Application of Payroll Policies
  • Interface to the Most Popular Third-party Payroll Services
  • Distribution of Personnel by Department
  • Base System Supports up to 50 Employees (Expandable to 200)
  • Report Generation
System Navigator

Available Payroll Interfaces

  • ADP®
  • CBS Payroll®
  • Cyborg®
  • Ceridian®
  • EZE-Pay®
  • Attache Payroll®
  • CompuPay®
  • Glaziers®
  • MYOB PowerPay®
  • Payroll 1®
  • QuickBooks Pro®
  • MAS90®
  • Peachtree 2000®
  • QuickPay Plus®
  • Millenium®
  • Perfect Pay®
  • RPS Payroll®
  • PC Connect®
  • Prestige PC Payroll®
  • Rapid Pay®
  • Pay-E®
  • Preview 2000®
  • Safeguard®
  • Paychoice Connection®
  • Probusiness Powerpay®
  • Sybiz®
  • UK Payroll
  • Unified Payroll®
  • Wells Fargo®
  • WinPay®
  • Generic, Comma-Delimited

  • Daily Hours
  • Who's Not In
  • Who's In
  • Who's Not In by Shift
  • Approaching Overtime
  • Attendance
  • Work Time Directive
  • Time Card
  • Hours
  • Actual vs. Scheduled
  • Annual Attendance
  • Seniority
  • Cateogry Calendar
  • Shift Coverage
  • Shift Summary
  • Numerous Listings Reports
  • And More Than 40 More Reports!
PayClock Hardware
  • Keypad for Department Transfers, Tip Entries, Job Costing and Piecework
  • Programmable Function Keys
  • Support Access Control, Data Validation (to Prevent Erroneous Entries),
TA520L Terminal
    Kit Includes
  • TA50 Pro Software for 50 Emp. (Expanable)
  • TA520L Real-Time "Like New" Time Clock Terminal
  • 50 Pre-encoded Magnetic Stripe Badges, w/ Supervisor Badge
  • 50 Feet Serial Communications Cable
  • Quick Start Guide


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