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  • 1.8", 2.5", and 4" digit sizes available
  • Alpha calendar version only available in 2.5"
  • 12- or 24-hour selectable
  • 4-digit or 6-digit time display
  • Non-glare lens
  • Super-bright LED's
  • High readability
  • Anodized aluminum frame
  • Wireless remote control
  • 10 year lithium battery (insures correct time after power failure)
  • Selectable automatic international daylight savings correction
  • Lettering available in any language

Alpha Calendar Clock

Calendar Clock
Type Digital
Display 4-Digit, 7 Segement, Super Bright Red
Character Height Varies: 1.8", 2.5" or 4.0", See Spec Sheet(s)
Visibility Varies: 75 to 250 feet, See Spec Sheet(s)
Power Requirements 110 VAC, Transformer Supplied, See Spec Sheet(s)
Frame Black, Anodized Aluminum
Dimensions Varies, Always 1.38" Deep, See Spec Sheet(s)
Weight 2.5 lbs. and up, See Spec Sheet(s)
Operating Temperature -17o to 182oF
Humidity 0 to 95%, non-condensing
Operating Mode Automatic Daylight Savings, 10-year Lithium Battery Backup

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